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"Excellent interactive books for kids! These life lessons are inspired by social stories and complemented with pictograms. This makes them an excellent tool for training children at different levels."
- The Autism Association, Quebec Canada

ADRIAN AND SUPER-A is a series of social skills books that use the Social Stories concept as a base. These social skills books can be adjusted to your child’s age and abilities, and the concept has been tried out on children (3-10 years old) both with and without an autism/ADHD diagnosis. Every child gave a thumbs up!

With help of a superhero every child can identify with, a thumb with clever rhymes, a train collecting pictograms in his wagons, and of course ... the resourceful Little Miss Trigger, your child will learn how everyday life works. Each book has 48 thoughtfully illustrated pages with pictograms and other educational material at the end. The stories encourage different ways of interacting while reading and are tailored to children with autism and ADHD.  The author has a degree in Social Science and of course a daughter who is a Super-A.  And like Super-A she has super-sensory powers, super feelings and a super memory.

THE WORKBOOKS are specially tailored for the children with autism and ADHD, as well as their strengths and difficulties. The exercises will help develop your child''s executive functions and theory of mind by teaching even a young child to think in steps and understand how others feel. Parents as well as kindergarten or special education teachers can use the STARTERS Workbooks for children three years and up. The SMARTIES Workbooks are suitable for children who can grasp multiple choices at once. Let the motor skills determine how to answer: Point, draw, or give a thumbs up with Thummie the Thumb.


  • Book 1: Adrian and Super-A Bake & Like Differently  (Look inside)
  • Book 2: Adrian and Super-A get dressed & say no way
  • Book 3: Adrian and Super-A go to bed & visit space


autism adhd workbook

  • STARTERS Bake & Like
  • SMARTIES Bake & Like
  • STARTERS Wash Hands & Wait ((Look inside)
  • SMARTIES Wash Hands & Wait


The first book has received the Readers' Favorite Seal. Read an excerpt from this and other reviews below.

It is a fun book that deals with ordinary, day to day things in a playful way ... very useful and the whole concept ... has been handled in a unique way. The strategies shown in the book are simple and very easy to comprehend. – Readers' Favorite.

I give it a thumbs up ... or two. No, ten thumbs up!
– kindergarten girl

I am Super-A too ...
– young boy

This book is SUPER-great!
– 9-year-old autistic girl

I absolutely love your book idea! Thank you for writing for children with autism and ADHD. –  Aunt to autistic nephew

Adorable and Educational! – Book Editor


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